» 604 Crate Engine Package w/650 Carburetor Specs (GAS)

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604 Crate Engine w/650 Carb (GAS) Modifieds

Dynoed crate 604:

Turn key dyno tuned package:
*GM CT400 “604” Complete Crate Engine
*Custom CMC HP650 gauge legal Competition Carb
*Wehrs 4-hole Carb Spacer
*Crane Fire Wire Plug Wire Set
*Sweet Tandem Pump w/Bypass Regulator Pressurized PS Reservoir (5″ or 7″)Mounting Bracket
*High Flow 2 port regulator
*Fuel line kit for 604 crate engine application (heat shield included)
*Thoroughbred Racing Oil 20w50 non-synthetic oil, high zinc/phosphorus levels for anti-wear (break in oil)
*Pro-Flow semi-synthetic oil / custom blend specially formulated for crate engine application to achieve peak protection and horsepower, for post break in usage
*all the labor & dyno

*fan and spacer,
*Beyea 604 Header Kit for Modifieds w/Turndowns
*flex plate with ARP bolts,
*MSD Starter 5095

$13,500 Sale Price

$3,500 Down Payment

$10,000 Financed @ $300 mo

Add Alternator Kit & Ignition Box (MSD 6ALN), Mating Coil, and 6400 Chip ($900)

Flexplate Coupler for Falcon Transmission additional ($100)


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