» 604 Crate Engine Package w/Late Model Specs (GAS)

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Our most popular complete turn key open carburetor Late Model Dirt track or Asphalt (also legal for UMP, NeSmith, Fastrak, Rush) 604 packages.

Late Model Dirt or Asphalt 604 CRATE ENGINE PACKAGES include…

Complete Turn key 604 crate package:
*GM CT400 “604” Complete Crate Engine
*Willy’s 604 Gas Carb (E-85 available for $300 more)
*HVH 5/8″ 4-hole Carb Spacer with gaskets
*Distributor-Locked out w/ bronze gear Distributor MSD 85501 Distributor Clamp MSD 8110
*CV 5-Valve Billet Fuel Pump, Lightweight Bronze Tip Fuel Pump Rod – COM4607
*Phenolic Fuel Pump Plate
*Fuel line kit for 604 crate engine application (heat shield included)
*Thoroughbred Racing Oil 20w50 non-synthetic oil, high zinc/phosphorus levels for anti-wear (break in oil)
*Pro-Flow semi-synthetic oil / custom blend specially formulated for crate engine application to achieve peak protection and horsepower, for post break in usage
*fan and spacer,
*aluminum high flow water pump,
*Jones Front Drive w/ Stewart Water Pump
*Dynatech Header Package with Headers, Extensions, and Anti-Reversion Mufflers

*all the labor & dyno included.  This 604 is making 450hp and torque.

$12,500 Sale Price

$2,500 Down Payment

$10,000 Financed @ $300 mo


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