» 602 Crate Engine W/500 2-Barrel (Southern Limited)

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E-Mod / 500 two barrel carburetor Rules 602 CRATE ENGINE PACKAGES include…

Complete Turn key package:

*602 Engine, Set TDC, Break-in Dyno, with Oil Filter Adapter and Spark Plugs
*Holley Carb – HLY0-4412HBX w/ carb studs
*Carburetor Spacer Adapter
*Super HEI ignition system wired to MSD soft touch box with 8.5mm plug wires
*Pro Cam Mechanical Fuel Pump – 7.5 psi
*Fuel Pump Rod & Phenolic Fuel Pump Plate
*circle track alternator kit with bracket, pulleys, belt and hardware
*Fuel line kit with heat shield (from pump to carb)
*Break in oil and filter
*racing oil and filter / plus one oil change of oil on the dyno
*oil filter adapter
*AC spark plugs
*HD flex plate and bolts
*Powermaster Gear Reduction Starter
*Jones V-Belt w/WP PS Pump & Jones Alternator Kit (Jones Serpentine kit comes with all pulleys, belt, and spare belt)
*fan and spacer
*Beyea 602 Headers for Southern Sport Mods

*all the labor & dyno (Set TDC, install matched valve springs, profile cam & adjust rockers, break in and cut filter, dyno tune, leak test)

$9700 Sale Price

$2700 Down Payment

$7000 financed @ $210 per month

Ships within 20 days



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